Common Commercial Storefront Door Issues

26 September 2022
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The storefront door is one of the most important parts of your building as it will be the part that individuals will interact with each time they visit your company. Due to the importance of the storefront door, you should be particularly mindful to ensure that any problems that it may experience are quickly addressed. Replacing Damaged Storefront Glass Many storefront doors will incorporate glass in them. This glass will be designed to be strong enough to resist being damaged by routine impacts. Read More 

Common Commercial Door Installation Mistakes

21 March 2022
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Commercial doors can improve the security of your building by limiting unauthorized success. Additionally, installing well-finished doors can improve your office's appearance. Nevertheless, proper door installation is paramount to ensure your door's functionality. In this regard, you should avoid door installation blunders at all costs. Here are common commercial door installation mistakes you shouldn't make. Failing to Adhere to Building Codes Different commercial building codes guide the door installation process. For instance, the codes guide on matters such as handle placement, operating force, and door orientation. Read More 

Frequently Asked Questions About Garage Door Sensors

9 August 2021
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A garage is as good as its door. Without a fully functioning door, your garage is a security threat. One of the typical garage door repair services involves garage door sensors. Here are some of the frequently asked questions regarding garage door sensors. How Does a Garage Door Sensor Work? To understand how a garage door sensor functions, you need to be familiar with two essential elements of the sensors: photo-eye and line of sight. Read More 

Four Ways To Minimize Stains On Your Glass Shower Door

28 October 2020
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The modern and open design that glass shower doors offer a bathroom cannot be beaten. However, with every good thing, there are drawbacks. With glass shower doors, a large concern is staining. Over time, water, scum, and mildew stains can leave visible marks on the door that cause the shower to look unclean and the door to look old. Fortunately, there is a way to combat these stains. Seal At Install Read More 

Common Reasons Why An Automatic Door Might Close On Its Own

11 February 2020
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Automatic doors offer a great deal of convenience to the customers that flow in and out of your business. However, this convenience turns into chaos when the door no longer operates correctly, and instead, seems to close on its own. Several issues can cause an automatic door to open on its own, but the pool of possibilities is much smaller when it comes to a door that keeps closing. Here are two common reasons why this problem occurs. Read More